Black GoBillion Bookstand Case for iPad2

Black GoBillion Bookstand Case for iPad2


GoBillion has for a long time been well-known as a great case and accessory maker. This has been proven true with it's iPhone and iPod touch cases. Now they are venturing into a new market with the creation of their iPad 2 cases.

The GoBillion Bookstand iPad 2 case has been created in attractive light black or blue colors which are made out of soft and comfortable micro-suede. Featuring its popular flask design opening and closing the case, it will make accessing your iPad 2 as easy as can be.

The bookstand design allows you to place your iPad 2 on a flat surface so you can view your favourite movies, or type. You will be able to view your iPad at the ideal angle for an optimal viewing experience.

Its cushioned corners allow you to securely place your iPad inside without worry that dropping it can cause any damage. This also helps to hold your iPad in place. The comfortable material makes it easy for you to hold an carry no matter where you need to take it.

The Apple iPad 2 is quickly becoming a must have device for many people who don't want to carry their laptop around with them everywhere they go and its important that their device be protected at all times. Having a case that is durable enough to withstand everyday accidents is important to any iPad user. It's also important for them to find the right fit to go along with their design needs as well. This is where the GoBillion Bookstand iPad2 Case comes in to play.

The case is long-lasting and is available in black and blue according to your color preference. Some of the great features of the Super Light Black GoBillion Bookstand iPad2 Case include its form fitting case, lightweight construction and open connections and controls on your iPad 2.

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