CaseBuddy Designer 360 iPad 2 Case

CaseBuddy Designer 360 iPad 2 Case


The CaseBuddy Designer 360 iPad 2 Case is a 360 degree cover & stand that is designed for use with your iPad 2. This patent-pending mechanism, allows you to rotate your iPad either horizontally or vertically all while staying inside of the case. This allows you to locate the ideal viewing angle for whatever project you might be working on at the time.

The interior lining is soft and provides your iPad 2 with protection from scratches. The design itself is thin enough and may be easily carried inside of another case as well which gives you added protection for your device.

Even though the case provides the utmost protection for you product it is still accessible enough for you to access all areas of your iPad that you might need. In other words, your iPad will be fully operational at all times.

It's upright case converts into a stand allowing you to view videos or online books easily and hands-free. The hard-shell design is molded to the exterior which protects the glass display which can be easily damaged when it's bent. It also features a great scratch-resistant lining. The material is created to help prevent any scratches on the iPad 2 thus giving your peace of mind that your device is fully protected at all times.

The 360° rotation makes it very easy for you to switch between a portrait or landscape view of your iPad all while never having to remove your iPad from the case itself. The outer case of the CaseBuddy Designer 360 for iPad 2 is furnished from synthetic leather, this gives your iPad 2 a more natural feel while keeping the cost of the product down.

This case is made specifically for the iPad 2 and may not be used with any other device.

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