CaseBuddy Aluminium iPad 2 Keyboard Caseipad keyboard case

CaseBuddy Aluminium Wireless Keyboard for iPad2


This is a cheaper yet bettter quality alternative to the Zagg case. Easily turn your iPad 2 into a netbook with the CaseBuddy Aluminium iPad 2 case and Keyboard. This Casebuddy Aluminium iPad 2 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard will have your iPad working as a netbook in no time flat. This 3 in 1 device also covers your iPad when it is not in use, keeping your iPad fully protected at all times.

The aluminium keyboard case not only protects your iPad, but also offers you ability to have a standard keyboard right at your fingertips. You can use your aluminium keyboard case to stand your iPad up either in a horizontal or vertical position and you will feel like you are actually using a laptop instead of an iPad. You can set it up in a matter of seconds and begin working on whatever it is you need to get done right away.

The case weighs between 180g - 230g which not only makes it extremely light weight but also portable at the same time. Now you can use your iPad anywhere just as if you were using your regular netbook. Finally you can give up that boring office space in the spring and summertime and head out to a nice open park area where you can get work done and work on your sun tan all at the same time. Place it in your lap easily for comfort of use without having to hold it in your hands. When you are finished working, simply place the iPad into the aluminium case for easy and safe storage. The case is made out of aluminium which means that it is extremely durable and completely protected from any scratches or bumps that might occur.

The Casebuddy iPad 2 Case with Keyboard is also rechargeable via USB this means that you will be able to take it anywhere and not have to worry that the battery is going to give out on you while you are in the middle of working on something.

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